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The University of Texas MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital

Leading experts in pediatric clinical care, translational research, and laboratory science at MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Hospital understand how rare cancer is in children and young adults, and how differently their bodies respond to treatment. Our dedicated team includes renowned pediatrics oncologists, intensive care physicians, inpatient and outpatient nurses, advanced practice providers, and allied health practitioners who partner with surgeons and radiation oncologists throughout MD Anderson to deliver high-caliber care that is recognized worldwide.  

Our expertise also includes a portfolio of novel, innovative trials with the goal of improving outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer.  Many of our trials are unique to MD Anderson or only available at select sites around the country.  The trials target specific mutations in tumors that drives these cancers to grow and cause disease. 


The Children’s Cancer Hospital continues to grow our cellular therapyportfolio.  These trials involve either manipulating the patient’s own immune cells or utilizing other people’s immune cells to target the cancer.  


One of the major advantages in being part of the greater MD Anderson Cancer Center is the access to the clinical trial infrastructure throughout the institution.  Our investigators have developed partnerships with clinical investigators in leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma, sarcoma, stem cell transplant, and developmental cancer therapeutics. These partnerships have led to reducing the age on many clinical trials to include children and adolescents, opening up opportunities for our patients to have access to the state of the art treatments in these diseases.


Beyond treatment, we also provide care and attention to some of the milestones that would normally occur in our patients’ lives if there were no cancer. That means taking fun seriously, including one-on-one play sessions, camps, an annual prom, holiday parties, and our one-of-a-kind, accredited in-hospital school that provides personalized academic support and enrichment activities such as field trips to the zoo and rodeo, as well as a College and Career Fair. 

Click here to see a thank you letter from MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital and details on how the funds are allocated and used.

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