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the SALE 2021 Advisory Board
Patty Magill Kallmeyer
Melissa Moore Magee
Jennifer Edwards Mathis
Tracy Dillee McCleary
Margaret Peters
Dee Dee Fagan Robinson
Libby Scott Sims
Johnnie Skalla Taylor

the SALE 2021 Underwriter Advisory Board

Caroline Clinton Batten
Kathy Williams Jacobson
Jen Gray Moss
Tracy Dillee McCleary
Pam Wilmore Sengleman
Connie Kerans Wright
Johnnie Skalla Taylor

the SALE 2022 leadership



Dee Dee Robinson, Event Chair - Campaign

Lindsey Miller, Event Chair - Logistics

KD Askins, Event Chair - Marketing

Courtney Culver Baker, President, Houston Tri Delta Philanthropies, Inc.

Leah Grones Raney, Champagne Shopping Logistic Chair

Laura Lee Lindenborn Vaio, Champagne Shopping Logistic Chair

Beth Callender, Communications Chair

Kathy Jacobson, Corporate Underwriting Chair

Michelle Payne, Corresponding Secretary

Ashley Sadderwhite, Corresponding Secretary

Caroline Batten, Individual Underwriting Chair

Liz Herndon, Meeting Coordinator

Parker Chase, Public Relations Chair

Sherry Howard, Recording Secretary

Ellen McCloskey McCord, Social Media

Erin Palmer Fuchs, Ticketing Chair

Kate Smalling Schneider, Ticketing Chair

Susan Rice McMillan, Treasurer

Kim Petersen, Assistant Treasurer

Jen Moss, Past Donors

Ann Mouton McCarroll, Underwriter Breakfast Coordinator

Blair Richardson, Underwriter Breakfast Coordinator

Suzann Cooley Richardson, Underwriter VIP Lounge Chair

Pat Smith Wallace, Underwriter VIP Lounge Chair

Cyndi Boyd, Underwriter VIP Lounge Chair

Julie Jacobson Treadwell, Vendor Chair

Courtney Johnson Anderson, Vendor Chair

Janice Dueitt, Vendor Chair

Kathy Kingrey Bergmann, Venue Chair

Lynn Cramer, Volunteer Chair

Lynn Harvey Ramos, Volunteer Chair

Pamela Swafford, Volunteer Chair

Barbara Upchurch, Volunteer Chair

Erica Smith, Sunday Event Chair

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