the SALE 2021 supporters

Reflects contributions and commitments received for the SALE 2021 (as of  01/05/2021)

Stars & Crescent

The Strake Foundation


Ammons Law Firm, LLP

Nancy and Jim Butler

Dee Dee and Steve Robinson

Northern Star Generation Services Co. LLC

Connie and Tommy Wright

Patty Kallmeyer


H.G. Ash Foundation

Leslie Brittain

Blair Richardson Loocke

Jen Gray Moss

Clark and Barbara Smith

Betti Tiner

Laura and Jason Williams

Connie and Lawrence Brown

Burt Harkins Family Foundation

Johnnie Skalla Taylor


Kathryn Bergmann

Pam Brasseux

Jenni and Paul Bredthauer

Elaine Brewster

Becky Russo DeGeorge

Dominion Energy

Barbara Hinds

Patti Brown Kramer

Melissa and Michael Magee

Tracy and Ryan McCleary

Pam Sengelmann

Libby Sims

Barbara B Sheldon

Debbie Kemple

Janet Mayer Bates

Melinda Hildebrand

Carolyn Milburn Campbell

Peggy and John Rathmell

Judy White Oldham

Scurlock Foundation

Suzann Cooley Richardson

Tri Delta Traders

Griffin and Johanna Winn


Carol Cooley

Betty Evans

Marybeth Flaherty

Fully Mediterranean

LaJeana Hardig

Kim Peterson

Susan Randolph

Leah Raney

Laura Lee Vaio

Terri Tarwater

Kelly K Basham

Virginia Li

Michele Lipscomb

Sarahbeth Pipkin

Sherry Goth


Cyndi Lambert Boyd

Roni Carter - Tenenbaum Jewelers

Callie Gaines - Dear James

Amy Gissel

Bitsey Elliott Hail

Allison Hall - Gris by Allison Hall

Emily Hayes

Cathy Herr

Elizabeth Herndon

Alisa Hodam - Memorial Designs

Roma Ilkiw - Boutique by Maryam

Ann K. Johnson

Heather Johnson - JJ Design Group 

Kuper Resources

Jay Landa - J Landa

Cheyanne Leibe

Christina Morse

Deborah Robinson

Margaret Rochs

Kate Schneider

Marilyn E. Shepard

Cynthia Stewart - Cynthia Ann

Tell it to your Neighbor

Barbara Upchurch

James and Hariette Gray

Katina Matthews

Keri Elliot Wagner

Melissa Moss

Elyse Elsenbrook

Kay Holmes

Marianne Cooley

Mary Kay Coleman

Katie Sartain

Pat Wallace

Erin Goddard

Lynn Cramer

Kendall Tamlyn



Maudeen Eccles

Melanie Frank

Anita Gaylor - Cottage 288

Erica DyReyes

Susan Hancock and Elizabeth Berg - Tres Chic 

Diana Hoover

Shelley Howard

Ginny Keyser

Molly Lamme

Vicki Lange

Ann Moss

Gail Nash in honor of Judy  Deaton

Jennifer Neuhaus

Melissa Savarino - Tutu and Lilli / Muse Collection

Linda Schneider

Lisa Smalling

Barbara Towne

Julie Treadwell


Carole Williams

Kathy Zay

Janice Dueitt

Susan Huffman

Deborah Cavazos Safi

Caroline Pavlinik

Ellie Graham


Kathleen Gondo

Barbara Hale

Jamie Barrere

Judy Schudy

Ruth Gibbs

Julie Gambino


Courtney and John Anderson

Carolyn Camp Bates

Grace Crapitto

Ellen Donnelly

Cathy Coers Frank

Sally Bell Rutherford

Lynn Ramos

Malorie Leman

In Honor of

Johnnie Skalla Taylor

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Funds from the shopping event are obtained solely through underwriting, ticket sales, and booth fees and not from the sale of merchandise. 

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