the SALE 2018 supporters

Reflects corporate and individual contributions and commitments received for the SALE 2018


Dee Dee and Steve Robinson/Allen Boone Humphries Robinson, LLP

Locke Lord LLP/Margaret and Mike Peters
Connie and Tommy Wright/RSM US LLP


Allen Boone Humphries Robinson, LLP

Silverthorne Seismic


Amegy Bank
Avalon Advisors, LLC

Crawford~Doherty Capital Management Group of Raymond James

Charles E. Dyer IV, DDS, MS, PC

Hilltop Securities, Inc.
KLX Energy Services
Rathmann & Associates, L.P.
Southern Tire Mart


Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP
Ammons Law Firm
Alliance Bernstein
Citi Private Bank
Fidelity Investments
Genesis Collaborative
Greenwood King Properties
Hunt2Hire, LLC
Northside Lexus and Westside Lexus
The Owen Group Design Firm
The Signorelli Company

Inga Laughlin Smith/Martha Turner Sothesby’s International

Tenenbaum Jewelers

G.D. Winn Investments/ Griffin and Johanna Winn


DEFINE body + mind Tanglewood
Horne Rota Moos, LLP
Mary Jane Gallagher Interior Design
The Muller Law Group, PLLC
Thompson Custom Homes
Trotter Family YMCA

Stars & Crescent

The Strake Foundation


Connie and Lawrence Brown
Nancy and Jim Butler
Anna Bayardo Charlton
Anne Rhein Hailes
The Ragan Management Trust
Peggy and John Rathmell
Martha Walton White


Elizabeth and Anthony DeLuca
Ann and Leslie Doggett
Rickie Jenkins Duke
Patti Brown Kramer

Sandra Lester McBride and Tracy Dillee McCleary

Barbara Carter Smith
Sheri Smith Scott
Kelley and Regan Sobiesk
Betti Belardi Tiner
Amy and Robert Weaver
Laura and Jason Williams


Janet Mayer Bates
Pam and Murray Brasseux
Jenni and Paul Bredthauer
Elaine Brewster
Carolyn Milburn Campbell
Jan and Dave Duncan
Susanne White Galtney
Susie and Ira Green
Terri Havens
CC and David Hetherington
Barbara Nelson Hinds
Hildebrand Fund
Melinda Nelson Jackson
Ann Kimball Johnson
Linda and Fred Knapp, Jr.
The Loyd Charitable Foundation
Jane McAfee
Patricia B. Moore
Jen Gray Moss
Judy Oldham

Rhonda Pyron Overbergen
Kaitlyn Overby
Kathy Pipkin
Laura Templeton Pipkin

Suzann Cooley Richardson and Blair Richardson Loocke

Lisa Williams Sarvadi
Pam Wilmore Sengelmann
Libby Scott Sims
Allene Skalla
Susan Senter Stiernberg
Kelli Sullivan
Terri and Paul Tarwater
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell O. Taylor, Jr.
Leigh Tomforde
Julie and Brett Treadwell
Rev. and Mrs. H. Michael Tyson II (Michele)
Mary and Will Williams


Jeannie Looper Able
Lisa and Walker Agnew
Ellen and Julia Chandler
Debbie Dobbins and Gary Leseman
Laura and Alex Eastman
Lesha and Elyse Elsenbrook
Pam Alt Goodson
Molly Lamme
Bette Craddock Linbeck
Dana and Pete O’Brien
Susan and Blake Randolph
Beth Fryar Reeves
Lynn Russell
Laura Lee and Alexandra Vaio


Frances Hanna Boswell
Caroline and Jeep Christian
The Cizik Family
Ellen and Jim Cummins
Betty Evans
Erin and Daniel Fuchs
Bitsey Hail
Julie Hershberger
Courtney Hodge
Bridget Melancon Hoffman
Kay Holmes

Houston Tri Delta Alumnae Presidents – Amber Vaughn and Carolyn Pyron

Laurie M. Mechler
Rachel Meyer
Kimberly Muse Miller
The Morris Family
Tana Pool
Mick Pritchett
Old Republic Title
Sharon Smith Reynolds
Margaret Rochs

Rachel V. Rose – Attorney at Law, PLLC
Kate Smalling Schneider
Carol Senkel
Billye Callier Tezel
Theta Zeta Friend
Barbara Towne
Barbara Upchurch
Melinda Moore Wooten


Caroline Peters
by Laura and Alex Eastman

Dr. David Poplack and Laura Fondren
by Billye Callier Tezel

Maddy McCurry
by Renee McCurry


Sharon Smith Reynolds
by Linda and Fred Knapp, Jr.

Dee Dee Fagan Robinson and Laura Winn Williams

by Tracy Dillee McCleary


Margaret Jones Bandy
by Sandra Lester McBride and Tracy Dillee McCleary


Missy Jones Bandy
by Theta Zeta Pledges of 1961


Louise Brollier
by Lauren Brollier

Louise Brollier
by Pam Sengelmann


Pamela Hill Kuehne
by Linda and Fred Knapp, Jr.


Nick Lewis
by Carol Senkel

Jack Locke

by Pam Sengelmann

Janet Caliva Lodge
by Ginny Keyser


Neil McCoy Oatman, Phi Lambda ’74, UT ’77
by Carolyn Camp Pates, Theta Zeta ’75


Larry Senkel
by Carol Senkel


Janice Dueitt

Kristin Lamb

Allison Meyer Moak

Marilyn E. Shepherd

Sally Bell Rutherford

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